You’re A Real RAT BASTARD Nick Mancuso


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Nick Mancuso RAT BASTARD Scam Artist


Irrational Unbalanced Bullying

Below is an example of behavior exhibited by one Laila Frances Dekhil of Paris, France, self-proclaimed actress and “wife” of actor Nick Mancuso aka Nicodemo Antonio Massimo Mancuso of Mammola, Calabria, Italy and Toronto, Canada.  Laila Frances Dekhil Mancuso, a very unstable individual, enjoys passing her days bullying the VICTIMS of her “husband” Nick Mancuso, perpetrator of fraud, thievery, money-laundering, verbal and physical abuse, deception, threats and bullying.  Please note Nick Mancuso’s comments in the second screenshot where he himself states that he “enjoys” and finds his wife’s behavior “amusing”.



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Fact Check – what Nick Mancuso told or wrote some of his fans
Nick Mancuso can only accept money via direct bank transfer, but not via PayPal
Oldest trick we know, scammers do that. Of course, he knows how to transfer money from PayPal to his bank accounts. He receives money via PayPal all the time, since years. We think he prefers direct bank transfer over PayPal because he skips PayPal’s buyer’s protection then and you cannot claim your money back later. ATTENTION! Always use PayPal with buyer’s protection (6 months money return policy) when sending him money. Always! It has a reason why PayPal offers that! Please read about the consequences of direct bank transfer on the homepage of your bank before sending him any money, most of banks tell that they cannot undo it. He complains about the small percentage that PayPal takes or that the transfer needs a few days? It is your money you transfer to him!
Nick Mancuso has written most of the Stingray episodes
Wrong. The Internet Movie Database (IMDB) names 14 writers, and the book “Stephen J. Cannell Television Productions: A History of All Series and Pilots (ISBN: 978-0786441730, pages 237-239)” also names 14 writers:
Stephen J. Cannell … (creator) (23 episodes, 1986-1987)
Lawrence Hertzog … (5 episodes, 1986-1987)
Carol Mendelsohn … (4 episodes, 1987)
Tom Lazarus … (2 episodes, 1986)
Herbert Wright … (1 episode, 1986)
Harold Apter … (1 episode, 1987)
Tom Blomquist … (1 episode, 1987)
Judy Burns … (1 episode, 1987)
Marianne Canepa … (1 episode, 1987)
Evan Lawrence … (1 episode, 1987)
Frank Lupo … (1 episode, 1987)
Burt Pearl … (1 episode, 1987)
Steven L. Sears … (1 episode, 1987)
Randall Wallace … (1 episode, 1987)
But no single Nick Mancuso listed there!
Nick Mancuso has uranium-235 in his blood because the soil of a Canadian theatre was radioactive
Wrong. It is possible that the Canadian theatre’s soil was radioactive and that he probably got radioactive poisoned. But how shall the uranium-235 come from the theatre’s soil into his blood? Did he collect it and inject it into his veins directly? It does not make sense. We also have black on white that he wrote that his fellow actors “pretended otherwise”, that means that his fellow actors told that they did not get radioactive poisoned there. Nick Mancuso seems to be the only person who got radioactive poisoned there.
Uranium-235 was found in his blood years later
Wrong. Quote: “Normally, urinary sampling is the preferred method for assessing uranium exposure. […] Most uranium leaves the body within a few days. High amounts in your urine might show that you have been exposed to high amounts of uranium within the last week or so.”. It means that they cannot find uranium-235 in his blood many years later anymore if he is still alive today. Otherwise the radioactive exposure would have been so high that he would have died some decades ago.
Nick Mancuso has IQ 180
Wrong. Or does Nick Mancuso belong to the Top 20 of most intelligent people worldwide? Why is he not listed there? What is MENSA saying about that?
Nick Mancuso is directly related to Herbert Marcuse and many other very famous people from the past
I do not think so. It would have been mentioned somewhere in the family tree of those famous people. Do not worry, we had to laugh here, too.
Nick Mancuso was kidnapped by aliens when he was a child
I do not think so. Or do you really believe in UFOs? Why did they kidnap him and not Einstein or Hawkings?
Nick Mancuso is a vegetarian
Maybe he has been a vegetarian for a short time, but he has not been always a vegetarian. In 2018, lots of people witnessed that he ate meat.
Nick Mancuso has Hashimoto’s disease
I do not think so. In 2018, lots of people witnessed that Nick Mancuso did not care if his food contains iodine. He ate grilled pork-legs which contained large amounts of salt.
His ex-business manager has stolen all his money
I highly doubt that story. That shall have happened more than 20 years ago. Nick Mancuso made millions afterwards. What happened to that money?
Nick Mancuso has fibromyalgia
He did not leave that impression that he has fibromyalgia, but he left the impression that he is a hypochondriac. I know someone with fibromyalgia and she can rarely move.
Nick Mancuso was a drug and alcohol addict
Unfortunately, that is true. He was an alcohol addict for many decades, he also took drugs.
Nick Mancuso has diabetes
That is true. It might be caused by his drug and alcohol abuse in the past. See Jan-Michael Vincent who had diabetes at the end, too.
Nick Mancuso has hepatitis
He had hepatitis and he was healed from it about 2-3 weeks later. He does not die from that type of hepatitis anymore, I think he had hepatitis type A.
Nick Mancuso’s heart works at 18%
I do not think so if he uses airplanes in the meantime. Beside of that, the value changed every few hours in his messages, even if no doctor was in the close area. Who tells him those values then?
One of Nick Mancuso’s wives is a reptile (alien)
LOL, Nick Mancuso really told that some fans! It is no joke! In case you think he is nuts, we do believe that, too. We really think he is nuts!
Nick Mancuso has health insurance
Yes, he has. He confirmed publicly in his GoFundMe campaign and in several messages. They just do not pay all his invented diseases. They might know that he is a hypochondriac.
Fans, friends and several other people have stolen his money
The truth is that it was the money Nick Mancuso received from those people because he pretends to be terminally ill. When they found out the truth about him, that he might have a long life like everyone, some wanted their money back.
Fans, friends and others know his bank account information
Yes, many of them do because Nick Mancuso shared his bank account and asked them to transfer their money to his bank accounts. He has several bank accounts.
Nick Mancuso’s ex-fans, ex-wives, ex-girlfriends, ex-friends, ex-family and several others are crazies, maniacs, jealous people, or even Nazis
Those crazy fans/maniacs/jealous people/”Nazis” are people who were financially abused by Nick Mancuso. As far as we count, he has scammed at least 25 people. Number increasing.
St. Joseph’s Church has stolen all of his clothes, his furniture, and his paintings
All those things indeed vanished at that time, but not in that Church. Nick Mancuso lost all that stuff when one of his ex-wives had thrown him out of her home. The Church is innocent.
Nick Mancuso was traumatized as a child
When his family moved to Canada, Nick Mancuso was not alone on that ship. His sister was obviously not traumatized as a child.
Nick Mancuso dies within one month, or at least within two years
Every human dies sometime. Nick Mancuso tells since decades that he dies soon, but he is still alive today.
Nick Mancuso says he has a master degree
Wrong. It is only publicly confirmed that he has a bachelor degree.
Nick Mancuso will sue all his ex-fans, ex-wives, ex-girlfriends, ex-friends, ex-fellows and several other people after they found out the truth about him
He tries that every time, but usually the others win then. Some of his lawyers know him so well meanwhile that they will not defend Nick Mancuso anymore. I also highly doubt that the FBI is on his side when IRS searches for him because of his massive debts.
Nick Mancuso’s family owned half of Sicily (island, southern Italy) once
I don’t think so. No joke, it sounds very funny, but he really wrote that black on white once. There is no evidence that his family owned half of Sicily once. It is as unbelievable as the story that one of his ex-wives is an alien, see above. LOL
Nick Mancuso claims to have a title of nobility
He has been married to the daughter (a real Lady) of the 9th Duke of Newcastle for a short time, but it does not mean that he inherited any titles of her family. He is not a blood relative of her family, and he is not entitled to claim the title of an Earl.